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Latest From The Noggin


28 January

If You Want To Stand Out, Ya Gotta Be Different

Content is as much about creativity and being set-apart, as it is marketing a specific goal or product. Just this morning, on our way to the office, we spotted an amazing display of visual content. We always keep a lookout for inspired content, and this particular subject caught our attention right away. There it sat, amid the cold foggy morning, perched next to the sidewalk like a killer whale lounging reef-side might do. A colorful example of creative content at its finest.


As soon as our eyes observed the vehicle, our investigative spirit urged us to discover more. Luckily, the back of the car made its owner known to us quite easily; there, “East Main Ink” was written in a sexy and fun script. East Main Ink has been around since 2011 and quickly set itself apart as a professional, creative, and inviting store in town catering to all fans of tattooing and art in general. With over 20 years of tattooing experience, East Main Ink combines skill with creativity and has an amazing portfolio of truly inspirational ink work.

We commend you for your awesomeness East Main Ink. Keep up the good work!

To learn more about East Main Ink, stop by their store or check them out online at http://www.eastmainink.com


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