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12 December

The Difference Between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content

Social Den Dictionary:
The difference between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content?

cre·a·tive cop·y·wri·ting
[krēˈādiv/ kop-ee-rahy-ting]
Creative copywriting is about gifting the world with the right kind of information–formulated through research, audience metrics, and product highlights–to give people a sound idea of who you are, and what you represent. It’s about using the written word to create a relationship with your target community, and they in turn use it to spread the word about you.

cre·a·tive con·tent
[krēˈādiv/ kon-tent]
Creative content is about pushing the envelope on what content can look like, and striving to make a deep, meaningful connection with the world around you. Content is more than just a 300 word blog post or a 140 character tweet; it can be music, video clips, art, or video games, to name a few. It’s about connecting with your audience through social media and community venues, reminding them that beyond being a business, or a billboard, you are about making the immediate world you live in a better place.


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