6 July

Social Den Newsletter


Greetings Social Denizens,

There has been a lot of activity around here of late, and we want to catch you guys up. As we have mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, Social Den is developing several new websites that all pay tribute to our overall love for Montana content.

From Montana happy hours and music, to Montana reviews and local editorials, Social Den is on a mission to help spread the good creative word.

Coupled with our ambitions to promote high quality content throughout Montana, we have been working with companies throughout the great state and beyond. It constantly amazes us that some businesses still haven’t grasped the importance and necessity of quality content in relation to its ability to garner new online visitors and potential clients.

The best thing about good content is its universality. Hence, the viral tendencies of creative engaging mediums.

Here is a list of our upcoming projects:

Full Launch of MThappyhour.com

Food Drive for Bozeman Food Bank (Late July)

Revamp of Social Den Website

Montanada Gear


Special Kickstarter Project

We are always available to help and consult with your business about the best steps you can take in order to capitalize on the opportunities fresh content creates. Contact us today to start a conversation, we’re friendly.

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30 April

Introducing MThappyhour.com


Social Den is constantly creating innovative content that is focused on Montana and all of its greatness.
We have soft-launched our latest project, MThappyhour.com. Utilizing Google map geo-location and both research and crowd-sourcing for our content, we have built a destination for anyone interested in happy hours and local specials throughout the state of Montana.

From the amazing breweries to the bars and restaurants that all make Montana a little bit happier, Social Den is committed to helping share our states’ unique and rustic establishments. Half off specials, mug club memberships, low-priced appetizers and more, let us guide you through your end of work cravings.

Check out the site at MThappyhour.com (currently in its beta form), let us know how we can make it better!

We are still helping clients far and near with their content creations. Call or write us today to see how we can start helping your business.

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6 April

Bozeman Moment of Peace

If creativity were a fish, it would swim in a circle when confined to a bowl.

Give your mind a rest, take a quick second and watch a snow storm gently flow into Bozeman, Montana.

This is your Social Den Moment of Peace.

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30 March

Social Den’s Latest and Greatest

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We have been working on some really cool projects here at the Social Den. From Montana wedding information, photography connections, and driverless vehicles to ‘happy hours’ in Montana, we’ve certainly been keeping busy.

Recently, Social Den has partnered with Greener Visuals out of Bozeman, Montana, a leader in Montana wedding photojournalism and an overall amazing hub for information on tying the knot under the Big Sky. We are working with the founder, Mike Greener, to publish relative content to help and assist anyone endeavoring to achieve the perfect Montana wedding.

Some say hands free driving will be standard in cars within ten years. We agree, on some facets, and have started handsfreedriving.com, a website devoted to the autonomous car industry and everything that is happening within it. We talk about the future, we ponder the potentials, and cover the top players within the driverless game.

MThappyhour.com was a project started by a few Montana locals a few years ago that was shut down due to lack of time and funding. Social Den decided to revive the website and create a focal point for happy hour information in Montana. Look forward to a beta launch coming soon.

Throughout it all we have been helping businesses near and far to fill their websites with fresh, keyword targeted content. From blogs, to ‘contact us’ pages, to email newsletters and more. See why content is so important, let Social Den put the life back into your online media.
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17 March

Can You Find The Social Den?

Can you find The Social Den founder in the crowd of business professionals?

HINT: We like to stand out. You should too.

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Bank for hosting, and a big thanks to the Executive Director of the MT High Tech Business Alliance Christina Henderson for her leadership.


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