30 March

Social Den’s Latest and Greatest

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We have been working on some really cool projects here at the Social Den. From Montana wedding information, photography connections, and driverless vehicles to ‘happy hours’ in Montana, we’ve certainly been keeping busy.

Recently, Social Den has partnered with Greener Visuals out of Bozeman, Montana, a leader in Montana wedding photojournalism and an overall amazing hub for information on tying the knot under the Big Sky. We are working with the founder, Mike Greener, to publish relative content to help and assist anyone endeavoring to achieve the perfect Montana wedding.

Some say hands free driving will be standard in cars within ten years. We agree, on some facets, and have started handsfreedriving.com, a website devoted to the autonomous car industry and everything that is happening within it. We talk about the future, we ponder the potentials, and cover the top players within the driverless game.

MThappyhour.com was a project started by a few Montana locals a few years ago that was shut down due to lack of time and funding. Social Den decided to revive the website and create a focal point for happy hour information in Montana. Look forward to a beta launch coming soon.

Throughout it all we have been helping businesses near and far to fill their websites with fresh, keyword targeted content. From blogs, to ‘contact us’ pages, to email newsletters and more. See why content is so important, let Social Den put the life back into your online media.

17 March

Can You Find The Social Den?

Can you find The Social Den founder in the crowd of business professionals?

HINT: We like to stand out. You should too.

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Bank for hosting, and a big thanks to the Executive Director of the MT High Tech Business Alliance Christina Henderson for her leadership.



11 March

10 Ways Dogs Can Help Your Content Creation


1. Film them doing something funny and you will probably have 1 million views on youtube.

2. Dogs fight against depression and low motivation. How are you suppose to write that next amazing blog post if you feel sad and unmotivated?

3. Dogs inspire creativity, bring a dog into the room and everyone seems to be a little more inspired to be different.

4. Close-up dog face photographs are always a crowd pleasure on social media communities such as Instagram, and Pinterest.

5. Dogs force you to go outside which opens up a whole world of fresh content and experiences.

6. Attach a Go Pro to your dog and watch him create content for you. All you have to do is make sure you keep an eye on him.

7. Petting dogs is a natural stress reliever, writing and stress don’t work together well.

8. Dogs teach you responsibility and timeliness. Two extremely important factors of a good Social Media campaign.

9. Dogs force you to take breaks, walking around and stretching does wonders for writing fresh, engaging content.

10. Ever in the middle of an amazing idea for content and then you can’t remember it when you need too? Just attach a sticky pad with the idea to your dog and he will carry around the idea for you.


4 March

Peaceful Bozeman Timelapse

Creativity needs a break in order to break through. We encourage you to take a minute to relax and allow your mind to rest.

Is that a small Montana black bear in the video? Nope, that’s just the old (but still lovable) company Labrador who goes by the names: Ziggy, Zoodle, Noodle, Doodle, and occasionally Professor Ziggleton.


24 February

Montana High Tech Business Alliance is the Digs

Montana High Tech Business Alliance

We were able to attend the Montana High Tech Business Alliance meet and greet last week. This alliance is a Montana member organization purposing to create more high tech jobs in the area. We were really impressed with the amount of Montana businesses that showed up to represent their ‘high tech’ companies, swapping business cards and expanding their networking community among like-minded entrepreneurs. From talent curation, to personal shipments, we learned a ton about other high-tech organizations, and were able to share and impart some of our knowledge as well.

On another note, we would like to give a ‘shout out’ to LeaAnne, one of the mainstays of Rocky Mountain Bank. Leanne managed to make us feel incredibly welcomed, and encouraged us to be ourselves among the crowd of very successful CEOs, and future leaders of Montana. Thank you for the personal tour of the upstairs as we sought to capture the event through a bird’s eye view.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, we strongly encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the opportunities they present.

The next meeting will be held in Lewistown, Montana, on April 14th.