Good Social Media is 100% Organic and Original

Organic Original Social Media

I am constantly asked a question regarding copy and pasting social media posts from one platform to another, and the benefits of running a robot program that simply auto publishes your Facebook updates over a plethora of communities. Seems like it would be the easiest way to control all of the social realms without the hassle of having to go through each one. Well, if this is how you think, then you have yet to grasp the true concept of social media. Social media is an intense undertaking, and it should be ran by at least one full-time employee (someone inside the company that knows it well). It should never involve copy and pasting anything.
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Social Media College Majors, who is the best for the job.

Getting Started In Social Media

College Majors designed for Social Media
This article will constantly be expanded upon. So if it looks a little different than the last time you read it. It probably is.


Being able to communicate effectively with everyone around you is a key part of social media. Back and forth dialogue is fundamental in any networking environment. In order to understand social media you have to understand basic human interaction, and know the importance of communicating on a positive level.

Any sort of client or customer within the confines of a conversation needs to be stimulated, cared for, listened to, and answered politely. In no way should communication over social media ever be hateful, defensive, offensive, or hurtful. This is why being educated in the process of communicating with others is so powerful within the realm of social networking.
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Presidents embrace Social Media – What would Abe Lincoln tweet?

what would abe lincoln tweet?

There is no end to how far social media can be stretched, twisted, and utilized; ones creativity holds the only boundaries.

Every past President has implemented strategies to engulf themselves within media in attempts to connect with the American Public as a whole. Some used newspapers, some used radios, others televisions. And now Presidents have found themselves forced to fully embrace the internet and social web.

You could say the standards of communication have changed, and frankly they have changed dramatically. “What do the American people want, and need?”, should be the most important question any President can attempt to answer. The only way to achieve this sort of symbiotic relationship of understanding within the confines of a large population, is to give everyone the tools necessary to make their voice heard. Social Networks not only build on this, but induce it by giving individuals of communities the power to make sure the right questions are asked, and the right answers are achieved. Radios and televisions are limited with their use and have become less important over the last decade (simply because it’s a one way communication tool).
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Website Bookmarking Basics


I’m always asked questions regarding bookmarking sites and how to use them.

So I figured it was time to write up an explanation of what a ‘bookmarking site’ actually is, and how to use them effectively in your own social media campaigns.

First off, what is a bookmarking website?

A bookmarking website is sort of a make-shift directory, dedicated to bringing the best of the internet up front for you to search through. It does this by allowing users to vote on a website/image/video etc. to determine if it is good or bad. The web links that are voted ‘bad’ end up being driven down in the results (and sometimes removed). The web links that are voted ‘good’ are constantly rotated to the top of the list (the causality being an amazing viral tool). This allows an audience to browse what others have found helpful or important, and not have to worry about spam or poorly created garbage. Think of it as an easy way to see the best of what the web has to offer.
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HATCH Fest In Bozeman This Week!

Hatch Festival 2011

The HATCH Fest has once again arrived on the rainy feet of the yellowing Bridgers. Inspiring, creating, engaging and blossoming the relationship between arts and life. An incredible plethora of special guest musicians, writers, filmmakers and more. Main Street might be turning to fall, but downtown Bozeman lights up this week with the energy of a blooming lilac in June.

The city sits back and takes time to host a tradition that has been, and will be with your support, a rejuvenation and an enlightenment of artistry for years to come. Watch as the Ellen Theater shines back to life with performers that could fill stadiums. The Emerson Cultural Center digs in its past years as a school, teaching and entertaining the youth and adults (who might have at one time sat in those old classrooms).

If Bozeman could talk, it would tell us to put more importance in Creativity. It would tell us something that the ‘late and great’ Steve Jobs said “Have the courage to follow your heart, and intuition”. My heart is telling me, we need more events like the HATCH Fest.

Check out the Bozeman HATCH Fest Events!