28 January

If You Want To Stand Out, Ya Gotta Be Different

Content is as much about creativity and being set-apart, as it is marketing a specific goal or product. Just this morning, on our way to the office, we spotted an amazing display of visual content. We always keep a lookout for inspired content, and this particular subject caught our attention right away. There it sat, amid the cold foggy morning, perched next to the sidewalk like a killer whale lounging reef-side might do. A colorful example of creative content at its finest.


As soon as our eyes observed the vehicle, our investigative spirit urged us to discover more. Luckily, the back of the car made its owner known to us quite easily; there, “East Main Ink” was written in a sexy and fun script. East Main Ink has been around since 2011 and quickly set itself apart as a professional, creative, and inviting store in town catering to all fans of tattooing and art in general. With over 20 years of tattooing experience, East Main Ink combines skill with creativity and has an amazing portfolio of truly inspirational ink work.

We commend you for your awesomeness East Main Ink. Keep up the good work!

To learn more about East Main Ink, stop by their store or check them out online at http://www.eastmainink.com


22 January

Always an Availability of Content

Content is all around you. On Tuesday of this week we did something we love to do every once in a while (to inspire our creativity). We left the office behind and headed up to Bridger Bowl to ski some fresh powder that had fallen overnight. We thought it would be cool to share a part of our experience, and show you that it isn’t hard to create content. Bringing along a camera can turn your off-work ski day into an opportunity to create something that you will boost your online presence and expand your online viewership.

We call this ‘an ode to the mountain we all love so much’ and ‘a lesson in creative content creation.’ If it weren’t for the mosquitoes and horseflies, we would totally marry the Bridger range.

Bridger Canyon to Bridger Bowl (in 3 minutes)


5 January

Social Den’s Salivating Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?

This one might make your taste buds go ‘Vroom Vroom’ beware, be very ware.

Finish the puzzle, send us a picture of it, win something.



29 December

For Peace’ Sake

Social Den presents “For Peace’ Sake”, an ode to workaholics, internet aficionados, and those who are just bored with the day.
Each post of the series will contain a little something to help the time flow along an itsy bit better. We encourage you to unlatch the lock on your office chair, swivel back for 15 seconds and a take a little ‘me’ time. You deserve it!


12 December

The Difference Between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content

Social Den Dictionary:
The difference between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content?

cre·a·tive cop·y·wri·ting
[krēˈādiv/ kop-ee-rahy-ting]
Creative copywriting is about gifting the world with the right kind of information–formulated through research, audience metrics, and product highlights–to give people a sound idea of who you are, and what you represent. It’s about using the written word to create a relationship with your target community, and they in turn use it to spread the word about you.

cre·a·tive con·tent
[krēˈādiv/ kon-tent]
Creative content is about pushing the envelope on what content can look like, and striving to make a deep, meaningful connection with the world around you. Content is more than just a 300 word blog post or a 140 character tweet; it can be music, video clips, art, or video games, to name a few. It’s about connecting with your audience through social media and community venues, reminding them that beyond being a business, or a billboard, you are about making the immediate world you live in a better place.