6 July

Social Den Newsletter


Greetings Social Denizens,

There has been a lot of activity around here of late, and we want to catch you guys up. As we have mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, Social Den is developing several new websites that all pay tribute to our overall love for Montana content.

From Montana happy hours and music, to Montana reviews and local editorials, Social Den is on a mission to help spread the good creative word.

Coupled with our ambitions to promote high quality content throughout Montana, we have been working with companies throughout the great state and beyond. It constantly amazes us that some businesses still haven’t grasped the importance and necessity of quality content in relation to its ability to garner new online visitors and potential clients.

The best thing about good content is its universality. Hence, the viral tendencies of creative engaging mediums.

Here is a list of our upcoming projects:

Full Launch of MThappyhour.com

Food Drive for Bozeman Food Bank (Late July)

Revamp of Social Den Website

Montanada Gear


Special Kickstarter Project

We are always available to help and consult with your business about the best steps you can take in order to capitalize on the opportunities fresh content creates. Contact us today to start a conversation, we’re friendly.

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24 February

Montana High Tech Business Alliance is the Digs

Montana High Tech Business Alliance

We were able to attend the Montana High Tech Business Alliance meet and greet last week. This alliance is a Montana member organization purposing to create more high tech jobs in the area. We were really impressed with the amount of Montana businesses that showed up to represent their ‘high tech’ companies, swapping business cards and expanding their networking community among like-minded entrepreneurs. From talent curation, to personal shipments, we learned a ton about other high-tech organizations, and were able to share and impart some of our knowledge as well.

On another note, we would like to give a ‘shout out’ to LeaAnne, one of the mainstays of Rocky Mountain Bank. Leanne managed to make us feel incredibly welcomed, and encouraged us to be ourselves among the crowd of very successful CEOs, and future leaders of Montana. Thank you for the personal tour of the upstairs as we sought to capture the event through a bird’s eye view.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, we strongly encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the opportunities they present.

The next meeting will be held in Lewistown, Montana, on April 14th.


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17 February

Website Content in Bozeman Montana


Every website needs engaging content, and one of the most important factors is to keep that content fresh and continually updated. One mistake we see with smaller business websites throughout our home headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, is a tendency to spend a ton of money on a website that is then left on the shelf to collect dust and eventually become outdated and obsolete to its audience. Moreover, it can have a very negative impact on your Google search engine results.

Another common mistake companies make, is spending too much time on their social networks and not enough time on their own prominent website. By spending a majority of one’s time updating their Facebook, Twitter, or other social network platforms, one tends to neglect their own uniqueness. The key to having a successful online presence is to continually be creating fun, creative, educational content on your own domain, and utilizing your social media platforms to direct traffic back to your main company website.

There is an easy way to fix these common mistakes and get your website running smoothly again and making your money work for you. Start looking at your company website as your own social media network. If you don’t have a blog yet, start one, and spend a little time writing a few posts. Do you already have a blog? Great! Just remember to continually add content to it. Try to keep a scheduled posting day; maybe it’s Friday of every week, or maybe it’s the first of every month. Remember to employ analytic software to see exactly which posts attract the most attention. Google Analytics is a great entry level software free for your use.

Don’t have time to work on creating blog posts, or tracking analytics? That’s where we come in, from creative writing, to photography and video production, we have the tools to meet any and all of your online content requirements and will work with your available budget to show you the best route you can take to keep your website alive and thriving.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business in a small town in Montana, or a larger corporation in a large city like Silicon Valley. Let us show you how, and why, content makes a difference; request a quote from Social Den today!

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12 December

The Difference Between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content

Social Den Dictionary:
The difference between Creative Copywriting and Creative Content?

cre·a·tive cop·y·wri·ting
[krēˈādiv/ kop-ee-rahy-ting]
Creative copywriting is about gifting the world with the right kind of information–formulated through research, audience metrics, and product highlights–to give people a sound idea of who you are, and what you represent. It’s about using the written word to create a relationship with your target community, and they in turn use it to spread the word about you.

cre·a·tive con·tent
[krēˈādiv/ kon-tent]
Creative content is about pushing the envelope on what content can look like, and striving to make a deep, meaningful connection with the world around you. Content is more than just a 300 word blog post or a 140 character tweet; it can be music, video clips, art, or video games, to name a few. It’s about connecting with your audience through social media and community venues, reminding them that beyond being a business, or a billboard, you are about making the immediate world you live in a better place.

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5 December

Quick Easy Recipe for Content Creation


We have been cooking up content for ten years, and we wanted to showcase a special recipe that appeases all audiences. Our internet family can’t get enough of this stuff, they clamor for more, and we’re on continuous quests; to farmer’s markets, rivers, or the mountains for more ingredients to keep the creative craving at bay. Modify the recipe however you like; personalize it with some added sauciness to spice it up, or let it stew overnight for some added depth in flavor.

Recipe for Juicy and Creative Content:


4 cups Original Content
2 ¾ cups Research
1 cup Creativity
½ cup Social Media
½ cup Distribution
2 tbsp SEO
2 tbsp Edits
1 pinch Luck

Prep Time: 140 characters to 100 years
Cook Method: Slow Roast, Steady Bake, or Lightning Quick Microwave

Increase of unique visitors to your site, plus education and entertainment while you discover and create the content.

Combine the “wet ingredients” in one bowl, in this case, combine content and creativity at the outset. This is going to be the base of your online concoction. In a separate bowl, conduct your research accurately to find the target audience and web outreach that you desire. Write a few creative paragraphs that contain niche keywords and SEO to complete the mix of “dry ingredients,” top it off with edits and spell checking for a professional flavor.

Mix the two bowls together and start your publishing, social media, and distribution. This can take as long as you wish, the more work you put in the better the outcome with your recipe.

Keep mixing it up and actively answer questions while commenting through online communities, forums, and blogs. Make sure you continue to interact and converse with those who are interested in learning more. We love it when a great recipe comes together, and so does our hungry audience.

Sometimes, you have to get out of the house to get the best content. We found the finest ingredients for the savory video above while fishing in the Acklin Islands in the Bahamas. It got a bit dangerous at the content store that day. However, as you can see, we captured some great footage, and are more than happy to share it with our online tribe.

Cook’s Note:
Check out the video above here http://vimeo.com/90902120. Getting into a confrontation with a shark is never an advisable idea. However, life happens. Capture the content when you can. Se le vi.

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