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Greetings Social Denizens,

There has been a lot of activity around here of late, and we want to catch you guys up. As we have mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, Social Den is developing several new websites that all pay tribute to our overall love for Montana content.

From Montana happy hours and music, to Montana reviews and local editorials, Social Den is on a mission to help spread the good creative word.

Coupled with our ambitions to promote high quality content throughout Montana, we have been working with companies throughout the great state and beyond. It constantly amazes us that some businesses still haven’t grasped the importance and necessity of quality content in relation to its ability to garner new online visitors and potential clients.

The best thing about good content is its universality. Hence, the viral tendencies of creative engaging mediums.

Here is a list of our upcoming projects:

Full Launch of

Food Drive for Bozeman Food Bank (Late July)

Revamp of Social Den Website

Montanada Gear

Special Kickstarter Project

We are always available to help and consult with your business about the best steps you can take in order to capitalize on the opportunities fresh content creates. Contact us today to start a conversation, we’re friendly.

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